Rain Box En

rain box

system of urban rain gardens

What is a Rain Box?​

Rain Box project is an innovative system of urban rain gardens, which thanks to its dimensions can be placed anywhere and on any surface. A feature of Rain Box, is that they can be adapted to different locations and urban spaces.

They require less space to achieve the same function as rain gardens in the ground. Provide greater retention capacity than bioretention ditches. Beautify streets.

New rain garden system which, thanks to its small dimensions can be placed anywhere and on any surface.​

Rain Box rainwater tank is designed to accumulate excess rainwater resulting from the violent weather phenomena (storms, thunderstorms).
Rain Box is an improved version of rain gardens, adapted in size to the existing conditions.
In contrast to the classic rain gardens we designed a solution that allows the installation of structures in difficult urban
conditions, such as concrete squares, parking lots, small squares, where digging a tank for retention water is

We designed 3 versions of the rain garden​




Rain Box City

  • urban rainwater harvesting system,

  • filtration layers for rainwater purification,

  • bottom of the tank made of a water-permeable layer to drain rainwater,

  • wooden elements have another functionality- they can be used as banches,

  • purifies water and water reservoirs, by filtration and phytoremediation (plant cleansing ability),

  • prevents deep river erosion and river ecosystem degradation,

  • prevents flooding during heavy rainfall,

  • prevents soil drought and falling groundwater levels,

  • mitigates the phenomenon of "urban heat islands", lowers air temperature,

  • improves the urban microclimate, has a positive impact on health and reduces air pollution,

  • binds carbon (carbon dioxide is assimilable by plants),

  • alleviates the effects of severe heat waves and increases air humidity by up to 40%, thus preventing the development of allergies and respiratory diseases,

  • gives the possibility of psychophysical regeneration,


Rain Box Garden

  • home rainwater harvesting system

  • Rain Box system with the possibility of connecting to a gutter drain

  • filtration layers purifying rainwater

  • faucet for collecting rainwater for watering

  • additional outflow to clean the tank for the winter


Rain Box Home

The Home version focuses on minimalism and is designed for very small spaces, such as a terrace or balcony.
In addition to its functionality, it also has an aesthetic function.

  • domestic rainwater harvesting system

  • filtration layers for rainwater purification

  • faucet for collecting rainwater for watering

  • an additional drain for cleaning the tank during the winter period