green cities

Greenery projects for citizens

climatelifting projekty mossmoss katarzyna biała

Our work has been appreciated for its innovative approach, social engagement, and positive impact on the local environment. Our projects and initiatives attract attention and interest from the community.

Sustainable urban development

How do we work?



If you want to green your neighborhood and have no idea how to do it, contact us. We work with residents who want to green the space in which they live.  We invite everyone who wants to actively work for the climate to join us



Find a place that needs a green metamorphosis. It can be a gated section of the city or your immediate neighborhood.



We will prepare a visualization for you, which will be the starting point for further activities. Professional visualization is a significant factor that will make it easier to apply for funds from the civic budget. Remember that a grassroots initiative of the local community can turn into a viable project.

Change your space

betonoza wrocław zielen w miescie climatelifting

Climate crisis and concreteosis in cities

We carry out so-called social projects. These are free visualizations in which we show how a city can look without concrete. The association is open to residents, businesses, and social institutions that want to transform specific parts of the city. We prepare free projects for green and blue-green infrastructure.

We strive to ensure that every resident has access to friendly and green spaces.

We are work for sustainable development

Our work focuses on collaboration with local communities, businesses, individuals, and authorities. Through our social campaigns, we aim to reach as many people as possible to promote the idea of green cities.

We create visualizations and develop projects that inspire action and change. We share our knowledge of green design to engage both citizens and authorities in creating more sustainable and environmentally-friendly cities. We support local communities, inspire action, and involve them in the decision-making process regarding the development of greenery in urban spaces.

betonoza wrocław zielen w miescie climatelifting

Thanks to our efforts, concrete spaces have regained their greenery. We prioritize sustainable solutions, introducing air-filtering plants, rainwater retention systems, and ecosystems that support biodiversity.