who we are

We are creating a Climate Change Center​

A unique place that promotes environmental attitudes.

The Climate Change Center is an example of innovative thinking about climate.

We are an association that brings together architects and enthusiasts of the ecological lifestyle. We focus on promoting greenery in cities and addressing climate change issues. Our activities have been supported, among others, by the New European Bauhaus, the UN Environment Programme, and the Arnold Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative. We create free visualizations showing how cities can change with the addition of greenery. We help local communities transform their spaces into more sustainable and biodiverse ones.

The priority of the Climate Change Center is the adaptation of urban spaces to climate change and environmental education.

We organize courses, trainings and workshops to help forge correct ecological attitudes. We teach the new generation how to mitigate and adapt to climate change. We use technology to show how dangerous climate change is and how much it affects human life.

It is a place where space will be found for people and ideas to build and develop environmental awareness, a meeting place for those who care about the future of the world.

what we do?

We educate - climatelifting.com

The goal of the service is to promote educational and outreach activities on the Internet and social media regarding ecology and climate.

We green cities

We make social projects for greening cities.

We work with companies, institutions and cities

We invite companies, institutions and city authorities to introduce green solutions.

We organize environmental actions

We take measures to protect the environment and promote sustainable development.

We provide courses, training and workshops

We promote environmental education and culture.

We promote green solutions

We disseminate good environmental practices and actions implemented by European Union cities in adapting cities to climate change. We promote blue-green infrastructure and water retention in cities (we designed a system of mobile rain gardens. We have created workshops on home rain gardens that can be installed on balconies). We disseminate plantings of climate-resilient plants.

We engage local communities

We engage local communities to undertake environmental projects, such as jointly greening neglected areas to create resident-friendly places.

Who we are?


Climate Change Center ​

A unique place that fosters pro-environmental attitudes.

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