Urban bee watering station

How to make a urban bee watering station

We have a quick tutorial for you on how to make a waterer for bees and butterflies

what do you need?


expanded clay


small pebbles



miejskie poidełko dla pszczół climatelifting

How to make an insect watering station?

Making a watering station  is extremely simple. At the bottom of the bowl it is enough to pour expanded clay and gravel, it does not have to be a lot. Expanded clay will float on the surface of the water and insects will rest on it. Before placing them in the vessel, it is worth rinsing both components under running water.

DIY poidło dla owadów
Place gravel or small stones at the bottom of the vessel
DIY poidło dla owadów
We add the expanded clay washed under water

Then add moss on top.

DIY poidło dla owadów
Add moss

We can also add small sticks, cones or other natural elements. Remember, however, not to add fresh leaves and green twigs, because they will start to rot in the water.

DIY poido dla owadów

Finally, pour clean water into the bowl so that the expanded clay floats on its surface.

It is best to place the watering station in a sunny place. Bees like warm water. Remember to check every day if there is enough water in our dish. At high temperatures, water evaporates very quickly.