Useful moss on the lawn

Is moss on the lawn good?​

For many people, moss on the lawn is a real problem. Gardeners usually try to fight it with chemicals. But is it worth doing? Here are a few reasons why moss should live in every garden.

Do not fight moss from the lawn

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Advantages of moss:

cleans the air

Moss filters the air and helps to improve its quality. It acts as a vegetable air filter, removing dust and dust from it. Moss absorbs pollution, cleans the air of toxic substances and heavy metals.

retains moisture in the soil

Moss is like a sponge. It absorbs moisture very well and retains it in its tissues. Thanks to this ability, it contributes to maintaining proper soil moisture, especially in dry and hot months.

improves the microclimate

Thanks to the ability to absorb water, it affects the balance of the ecosystem and improves the living conditions of other plants. In addition, it affects the temperature of the soil – it has the ability to retain and release heat, which will protect the lawn from the effects of frost or heat.

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Protects the soil

Helps protect the soil from erosion. Thanks to the ability to retain water and minerals, and in the process of natural decomposition, it helps in creating a humus layer of the soil. Protects the substrate from wind and washing out of the substrate.

grows in tough enviroments

It grows in places where other plants have trouble growing. It is very hardy and thrives in poor quality soil. It does particularly well in shady corners of the garden.

increases biodiversity

It grows in clumps, forming uniform carpets that attract various species of small animals. It creates habitats for a huge number of insects, amphibians and reptiles. The presence of moss in the garden has a very positive effect on the ecosystem. Mushrooms and lichens also develop in the moss.

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improves health

Contact with moss helps to reduce stress. It will also help you feel better if you convince yourself of it!

What to do with moss on the lawn?

Do not use chemicals to combat it. Let it grow. This will benefit your garden. Fortunately, the garden design trend is moving away from the ruler, poor in terms of species. Nowadays, we have to create spaces that are as diverse as possible, rich in vegetation, inhabited by small animals and microorganisms. If we add to this ecological diversity, full of different habitats, then we get a natural ecosystem that will benefit your health and the environment.

mech w ogrodzie climatelifting