They will plant trees in the Market Square in Krakow.

Trees will return to the Market Square in

More than 200 thousand citizens of Krakow voted for planting trees on Krakow’s Market Square. What’s crucial is that trees will be planted not in pots, but directly in the ground.

fot. National Digital Archives

Citizen’s Budget Proposal under the title “ Let’s plant trees on the Main Market” assumes the restoration of greenery to this part of town. This idea has been discussed for a long time. Residents have had enough of concrete. On hot days, the square warmed up to such high temperatures that it was impossible to use the benches, and prolonged stay in the sun became dangerous to health. The
new plantings will make a shadow appear on the market slab, which will hide us from the scorching sun.

fot. Jorge Lascar wiki

The return of trees on Krakow’s Market Square has a historical justification. A hundred years ago, many trees grew in Krakow’s center. At the end of the XX century, the number of trees started dropping, this happened mainly by the trend of paving stones and concreting of free spaces.
The greenery is to make the center of Krakow a more willingly visited and people-friendly place. The project is also a response to climate change. The introduction of trees will cause temperatures to decrease and the surface of the square will be unsealed, which will easily increase rainwater retention.

Trees are supposed to be planted in a way that won’t collide with events taking place on Marker Square. Krakow should be an example for other cities. In Wroclaw, this topic has been appearing for a while. We even prepared a project on how this part of town could look with trees.