Spring cleaning on the balcony

Gardening tasks for April

April is the perfect time for spring cleaning, the temperatures outside are becoming more and more bearable, and the longer days are accompanied by more sunshine. It is best to start spring cleaning by removing the remains of the past season.

Below you will find a step-by-step guide on how to do it. spring cleaning on the balcony

What to do in spring?

Cleaning on the balcony and terrace

kwiecien w ogrodzie climatelifting

Check if there are no unnecessary pots, soil remnants, dried plants, other garbage on the balcony / terrace. The sight of dried plants is neither elegant nor aesthetic. Each new planting should be preceded by cleaning – then we will know what materials we have and what we need to buy. However, it is not worth throwing everything away, we often have a large amount of useful materials. By reusing different components, we are able to save a lot and not collect unnecessary packaging.

We prepare the Substrate - soil

Co robimy w kwietniu na balkonie climatelifting

The soil from last season can be reused, but we have to do it wisely – you can add the old soil to the bottom of the pot. Remember to mix it with fresh substrate in the ratio of 1:3 – it is not worth giving more old soil, because it is sterile and devoid of valuable substances.

We check pots

porządki na balkonie climatelifting

It is best to wash the pots before the new season, remove unnecessary plant and soil residues. Use recycled water for this, e.g. water in which you previously washed the fruit. You can think about refreshing the pots – wash them from the outside and then repaint. By painting pots, you can change the style of the balcony at a low cost and introduce a note of freshness.

If you are a person who values an ecological lifestyle, it is worth thinking about substitutes made of natural materials. Fruit crates, for example, will be great as pots, especially if you plan to set up a mini vegetable garden. You will surely read about it on our website soon!

Remember the components - expanded clay, sand, gravel, perlite,

Remember to always stock up on planting components such as expanded clay, gravel or perlite. We also need sand. If you have left these materials from last season – you can safely use them again, so that the substrate is permeable and gives the plants conditions for the best growth. Dirty sand can be mixed with the ground, and dirty gravel – instead of for decorative purposes – can be used as a substrate instead of expanded clay. Making a drainage layer is very important for balcony plants, so it’s worth taking a moment and preparing it in accordance with the rules.

What do we sow in April?

co siejemy w kwietniu climatelifting

After the cleanup is done, it’s time to buy plants. In April, you should bet on a mini vegetable garden and colorful flowers. We can confidently sow a lot of plants already, among others:

sweet peas

What do we plant on the balcony in April?

In early spring, we can plant blooming flowers on the balcony:

primula primroses
buttercups (here it is better to watch out for frost)

These plants are not bothered by frost, which can still happen at this time of year.