How to repot a plant?

When do we repot plants?​

Today we would like to give you a hint on how to properly repot indoor plants. Remember that the best time for repotting is in spring. The second possible date is in autumn. During the summer, if there is no need, it is better not to repot. In October, on the other hand, plants go into dormancy and we should give them a rest. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule when, for example, we observe that the plant has a very tight pot, has overgrown roots, begins to languish or the leaves begin to yellow.

kiedy przesadzać rośliny? climatelfting
Po lewej przykład rośliny idealnej do przesadzenia. Po prawej przykład skrajny. Starajmy się nie dopuścić do takiego stanu.

Repotting plants - what do we need?

In order for the whole procedure to be carried out in accordance with the art, we need to provide ourselves with:

substrate (soil)

jak przesadzić rośliny doniczkowe? climatelifting

Into which pot should I repot the plants?

A common mistake is to repot plants into a pot that is too large. It will be wisest if the diameter of the pot is a maximum of 2-4 cm more in diameter than the previous one, then we are sure that the plant will grow properly. Repotting into a pot that is too large may cause the roots to grow more intensively and not the leaves. This is not what we want.

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Remember that we repot into a pot with holes on the bottom.

In most cases, do not put the plant directly into the pot, because water will collect at the bottom, which will cause root rot and, consequently, the death of the plant. There are exceptions to this rule, for example, when the pot and plant are very large, when standing outside, etc.

Once we have the right soil and pot, we can proceed. The ideal solution is to make a drainage for the plant, that is, to pour a small amount of expanded clay, gravel, crushed styrofoam or even a broken old terracotta pot on the bottom of the pot. Then we pour a small amount of soil.

różnice między osłonką a doniczką

What kind of soil should plants be repotted to?

Choosing the right soil is very important. The best option would be buying different soil type for each plant. Visit closest flower shop and ask for such substract- professional stuff will prepare even a small amount of it. It will cost a little bit extra but surely it’s worth the price!

How to repot a plant?

Gently pull the plant out of the old pot and sprinkle lightly with old soil. Remember not to sprinkle it forcibly and too hard, because you can damage the root system in this way.

Sometimes it happens that the plant does not want to come out of the pot. Nothing by force! In order not to damage the root system, cut the plastic pot or beat the old ceramic one.

At the bottom of the new pot, we put a 1-2 cm layer of drainage. When we have removed the remnants of the old soil, we can put the plant in a new pot and cover the whole with the remaining substrate. Finally, lightly compact the ground. The new layer of soil must not be much higher than the previous layer, as this can cause the stem to rot!

Step by step how to repot a plant:

After repotting, do not fertilize the plants a minimum of 3 weeks.