Earth Day 2023

World Earth Day in numbers

1970 – the first World Earth Day

1,000,000,000 – the number of people who have participated in Earth Day to date

75,000 – the number of partners promoting World Earth Day actions

swiatowy dzien ziemi climatelifting

The world's largest environmental holiday

Our world needs groundbreaking changes. It’s time for the world to hold sectors accountable for their role in our environmental crisis, while demanding bold, creative, and innovative solutions. This will require actions at all levels, from business and investment to local and national authorities. 

What can you do on Earth Day?

You can really do a lot. Every small step towards a better future for our planet has an impact on the quality of our lives and the lives of future generations.

Do you think it's not much?

It is enough that each of us performs at least one of the above-mentioned activities and tries to do it more often, so that it becomes a habit. Just that and only that.

We must act to stop climate change, otherwise it will be too late.

Join World Earth Day 2023.

swiatowy dzien ziemi climatelifting