Can the world’s most famous tourist attractions be environmentally and socially friendly?

Let’s make a change and have an impact on our surroundings.

We would like to present you few project ideas for some of the most touristic spots in the world, how to make them more people-friendly and green!


Can the world's most famous tourist attractions be environmentally and socially friendly?

Our visualizations are not ready-made projects, but a starting point for a discussion on climate change. Considering the current situation of the planet action is required at all levels, from business and investment to city and national government. These visuals are meant to open a conversation and to have an impact on those who cares about the planet. We want cities to be green and liveable.

Our project begins with the Louvre Museum.

Louvre green_louvre_climatelifting

The square in front of the Louvre is a place where cultures, stories and people meet. Unfortunately, recently it has also become a symbol of one of the most serious problems of our planet – rapidly progressing climate change. More and more often we experience extreme temperatures there, which make life difficult and tiring. There is no shadow to hide from the sunlight, there is no greenery, which naturally regulates the temperature and improves air quality. Therefore, as designers, we want to use our work to draw attention to these problems and encourage debate.


In our project on greenery for the Louvre Square, we propose to create a garden, which would become a striking symbol of care for our planet. This garden would be a space where nature and art would meet, becoming an inspirational meeting place for all people from all over the world. It would be a living reminder for all of us, encouraging people to take care of our planet and discover the beauty of nature.

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